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25 Northumberland Close, Parklands, Cape Town, 7441

About Complex Patrols

Complex Patrols was established to provide a service which satisfies the need for the enforcement of Body Corporate rules as defined in the SECTIONAL TITLES SCHEMES MANAGEMENT ACT, within the greater Blouberg area. This establishment was essential to combat the increasing number of criminal bodies operating unlawfully, with minimal consequence, out of these complexes at the time. Some of these criminal activities include, but not limited to, drug dealing, prostitution, and burglary.

As a registered security service provider since 2011, our company has enforced the Body Corporate rules within these complexes on behalf of our clients and focused our efforts on rooting out the criminal bodies that had moved in. We also provided a secure platform for the residents to report their concerns without fear or intimidation with regards to criminal activities and non-compliance with the Body Corporate rules.

News spread of our many successful arrests and convictions. Complex Patrols became a household name in our community, trusted by our clients, respected by our peers, and feared by criminals. Our zero-tolerance attitude towards crime has been the key to our success. To further service the increased demand for a quality security service provider, Complex Patrols began incorporating alarm monitoring, armed response, CCTV installation and monitoring, and technical services divisions as well.

Complex Patrols is also committed to the safety of our community. We believe that every effort and commitment in combating crime within our area has benefits for the overall safety of our clients. As a leader and essential role player in community crime fighting, many other crime fighting organisations in the community benefit from our resources and expertise.

Complex Patrols is associated with DSL Law services which provide legal assistance with regards to evictions and other services to our Body Corporate clients. We also enjoy co-operation with SAPS Table View, CoCT Law Enforcement, Neighbourhood watch and other respective community safety organisations to assist in fighting crime. Our direct radio link to these organisations enables us to dispatch our fearless Armed Reaction Officers to any active crime fighting situation in the area or, at times, across the peninsula.

Furthermore, Complex Patrols is also trusted by organisations such as the Hawks, Crime Intelligence, SAPS flying squad, and Trackers stolen vehicle recovery to assist with information gathering and/or locating stolen property. The year 2021 marks the completion of our first 10 years of rendering a professional quality security service to our clients. We remain committed in our quest to keep crime down in our area and protect our clients.

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